FAT HOPE SHOU BE IT (FAT HOPE) Official Opens at Bugis Junction - PR Newswire APAC

2023-04-03 03:05:04 By : Ms. Zhou Bob

Fat Hope Brings Korean Express Slimming Services to Singapore

SINGAPORE , March 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- FAT HOPE – SHOU BE IT (FAT HOPE) is proud to announce the official opening of its physical shop located at #03-05B , Bugis Junction, delivering the ultimate slimming experience to all clients. The beauty salon uses a KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration)-approved Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis) technique to target fat cells in the desired treated areas. This technique is non-invasive and pain-free and allows the dead fat cells to be naturally metabolised out of the body while the remaining cells condense, resulting in an overall reduction in the fat layer. Butt Cellulite Removal

FAT HOPE SHOU BE IT (FAT HOPE) Official Opens at Bugis Junction - PR Newswire APAC

Fat Hope at Bugis Junction #03-05B, Singapore 188021

Fat Hope is dedicated to ensuring its clients achieve their desired body shape effortlessly and comfortably without the need for surgery or invasive procedures, with each session being only 45 minutes. Fat Hope's professional and highly-trained personnel will assist clients in the entire process, from personalised consultations with clients to recommending them the most suitable treatments to ensure the best possible results.

In addition to their signature Fat Freezing Treatment, Fat Hope also offers other cutting-edge slimming services to cater to all clients' body shaping needs. For example, their Emshape treatment allows clients to achieve a more defined and toned physique by using Electro Magnetic Muscle Stimulation technology to effectively tone and strengthen muscles in a non-invasive way. On top of this, they also offer various Fat burning & Firming products to help clients achieve their desired look.

Visit the cosy and welcoming salon today and discover the various slimming options Fat Hope has in store for you.

Fat Hope is truly dedicated to helping clients achieve their best figure!

FAT HOPE SHOU BE IT (FAT HOPE) Official Opens at Bugis Junction - PR Newswire APAC

Smooth Laser Hair Removal Fat Hope's mission is to provide a stress-free and delightful environment with affordable services to clients, allowing them to enjoy their fat-slimming experience whilst seeing visible results after each session. Fat Hope ensures the highest quality of care when it comes to fat slimming and sculpting for its clients in Singapore . The physical shop is located in 200 Victoria Street 03-05B Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021. You can contact them via telephone or WhatsApp at +65 8876 6731 or visit their website at www.fathope.com.sg.